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I have suffered from near daily, cluster migraines for almost 10 years. The severe, chronic pain became disabling & I had to resign from my full time work position in the health care field. As I focused on my health & recovery it became clear that western medicine had done all they could for me. I turned to alternative therapies to use in combination with the medication, relaxation & exercise regimen I had established. Although I had tried acupuncture before, trying it again was truly rewarding. I received weekly acupuncture, laser treatment & massage at East Wind Acupuncture & Pain Clinic. I soon began having less migraine days, less pain & more energy. At present, I am able to work part-time & am enjoying contributing to my profession again. I feel that much of the credit goes to the care I received from Harold Rottier at EWAPC. The services offered at East Wind Acupuncture have become an integral part of my wellness routine for the past 2 years and I would highly recommend the clinic to anyone in pain. I got my life back & I never thought that was possible.   



When someone has been practicing their craft for a long time, it can become second nature. Your benevolence and healing power come straight from your soul and spirit. Your caring and knowledge are not taken for granted ~ at least not by me. These are rare and special qualities, and appreciated more deeply than words can express. On behalf of the many people I know that you have helped, including myself, I send a simple, but sincere and heartfelt ~~ Thank you



Hello Harold.

I want to thank you for all the help you have given me in recent years.
I had relied on chiropractic care twice per week for years to allow me to work. When I saw you for help, you restored most of my low back and neck function. I could not rotate my head to see while backing up my car. Now I can turn my head around like when I was young. I have not been to a chiropractor for four years.
In 2008, I had pinched nerves in my right knee which gave me drop foot. I relied on the medical system, with no relief. After over half a year of walking with my right toe pointing straight down, I sought Harold's help, and in about a month, with acupuncture, massage, and Harold's caring manner, normal function returned to my leg. Thank you! Until you helped me, I really believed that I was destined to walk for the remainder of my life as if my right side had been paralyzed.

Currently, I receive acupuncture with massage, cold laser and far infrared treatments for peripheral neuropathy. I have been a chronic pain patient, who also receives regular medical assistance. I rely on Harold to keep me going.

I thank you, Harold for all that you have done for me, and for helping friends of mine as well.
You improve the quality of life for me, and help me keep a positive attitude.

Warm regards,
Dave B.

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